Thursday, 1 December 2016

Technology Reflection - Cooking

WAL how to make Rock Cake.
Today was a very independent day, Mrs Tuipulotu let us do all the work, all we had to do was to follow the instructions on the board and follow the measurements of ingredients on the board. The ingredients that we used today was... milk, coconut, sugar, flour, oil and eggs. We had to add in the right amount of ingredients for the rock cakes to taste good, me and my cooking partner found this a little bit challenging because we were trying to add the exact ingredients so our rock cake would turn out too look good and taste good, after our rock cake was ready it was very flat and the cake was supposed to look puffy but instead it looked like a flat pancake Lol, our cooking teacher said that our mixture was too runny that's why it was to wet to hold hits original shape in the oven. Today I really enjoyed making rock cakes and I can't wait to make more food at Technology next week, please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon, Thanks!!


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